SmartBug is the first totally autonomous device with which you can automate your home or any other environment.

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Through the app, you can install the smart plugins – which will not be stored in the cloud but on the device itself. But why are plugins so important? First and foremost, plugins give SmartBug endless possibilities, and in addition, since it’s an open platform it enables third party developers to create abilities which extend the application. This will truly make the device limitless and will easily support new features that can automate your entire household.

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Once the device is configured through the app and you have downloaded all the plugins of your interest, SmartBug will work anywhere, even without the need of a good WiFi connection or the smartphone.

NO SMARTPHONE REQUIRED: Or at least, you’ll only need the smartphone to configure the device and download the plugins you’re interested in and then you can just forget about it. That’s right, because SmartBug stores the plugins in its own memory therefore without the need of the Cloud and will recognize your gestures easily, subsequently activating what you want.

Through its mesh network they will communicate with each other, enabling the lifestyle you desire. But what exactly is a mesh network? A mesh network is a local network topology where the nodes (in this case the switches) connect directly and not-hierarchically to the other nodes and cooperate to expertly route data. This allows all the nodes to successfully participate in the relay of information. This means that the mesh network can accurately self-organize and self-configure and this ability can enable the dynamic distribution of workloads. So, if one of the SmartBugs should fail, the function of home automation will not be compromised.


Kitchen hood and bathroom exhaust fan

A smart management of the kitchen hood and bathroom exhaust fan following times and presence within the house (it’s a timer to schedule the on/off function).
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Easily manage the temperature: you can set the temperature and view the status in every room.

Air conditioning


Thanks to the IR transmitter, you can turn on/off, manage the temperature (+/-) and set the timer for your air conditioning.

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Window Blinds

Open or close the blinds following the window’s exposure to the sun and get the temperature you want in that particular room (North, East, South, West).

Multiway Switch

Sequentially turn the lights in a room on and off. Control the lights (controlled by a SmartBug) from a single SmartBug.


Set the timer and turn on or off a light after a certain amount of time.

Open Gate

Use your smartphone to open the gate and get rid of that ugly remote control.

Washing Machine

Optimize your energy consumption by setting the timer for your washing machine with the time frame that makes you save money on electricity.

Solar Panel

Manage the photovoltaic energy you produce in the most efficient way.


This plugin will enable Alexa for voice commands on the SmartBugs.

Google Home

This plugin will enable Google Home for voice commands on the SmartBugs.


The SmartBug system is equipped with an easy and intuitive development environment that allows the development of applications (plugins) by third parties in a very short time. Each new plugin that is made available adds functionality to the system with a mechanism typical of open innovation.

The SmartBug system is equipped with an easy and intuitive development environment that allows the development of applications (plugins) by third parties in a very short time. Each new plugin that is made available adds functionality to the system with a mechanism typical of open innovation.

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